Beware of bad brokers and “pop-up” companies.

Unfortunately,   we’re in a time where greed and fraud is the moral compass in business practice.  Many clients come to us after a terrible experience. You can save yourself financial trouble by following these steps:

Make sure a company has been in business at least a few years. New “pop up companies” can be very risky.

Check out the company before you send ANY DOCUMENTS!

Do not pay any upfront or application fees.

Renewals are a big part of this industry.  “A solid long term relationship will ultimately save you money”.  A reputable agent will put your company in better position for future loans.

True horror stories we see all the time...

A bad broker may do this:

 Over submission:  A broker submits your application to countless banks. This will greatly reduce your credit score. Banks will automatically reduce loan offers. Over submission really means “the broker has no experience and very few lender relationships”

 A client’s information is lost or stolen

A client’s information is sold to other companies. Countless calls follow

Clients are told “sure we can do that or get you this amount” to find out they don’t even fund the industry.

We’ve even heard a client tell us a company destroyed their credit, then tried to offer them a discount to repair the credit damages!

Alter documents. When caught “and you will be caught” you are automatically blacklisted from banks

Multi Vision Financial- We give straight answers, every time!

Whether you choose to do business with MVF or not, protect your private and company information.  You can always expect straightforward information from us. We have a strict policy to be honest. We will never jeopardize your company or our reputation over any deal.  As our client YOU deserve better than that.  Our financial managers are verified with an extensive background check so your personal information and documents are secure.  Call us for a free direct consultation.