Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of loan programs are available?

    • Business Capital Loans
    • Short Term/Bridge Loans
    • Equipment/Office Leasing
    • Unsecured Business Loans
    • Low Credit Business Loans
    • Merchant Cash Advance
    • Invoice Factoring/Cash for Invoices

  2. How can I get pre-approved for a Business Loan?

    #1. Fill out the application or call in and a Funding Coordinator will fill it out with you.

    #2. Fax documents to 562-590-9393 (or 858-810-0288) or email

    a. 4 months of bank statements. All pages must be included

    b. 4 months of merchant credit card statements. All pages must be included.

    * If you do not accept credit cards then disregard the merchant statements.

    The application process is virtually hassle free. The paperwork requires just a few minutes. Our Funding Coordinators are here to guide you through the process.

  3. What are the basic loan qualifications?

    Qualifying for a loan is simple

    • 6 months in business
    • Gross deposits of $10,000+ monthly in bank account
    • Current on rent/business property
    • Limited negative balances/bounced checks in bank account (call for details)
    • Credit score of 500+
    • Free of liens, judgments or bankruptcies. If you have payment arrangements that is OK.
    • Check out our Express Approval option.

  4. Why would I do business with Multi Vision Financial?

    • We are easy to work with and always treat you with respect
    • We will give you more loan options
    • We have access to more capital
    • We are here for the long term when you need additional capital in the future.
    • Many clients schedule appointments to meet face to face. We welcome walk ins.
    • Your credit will not be needlessly pulled multiple times
    • We are a Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited Company
    • We are part of our local Chamber of Commerce
    • We are members of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers (NAELB)
    • We are Business Consumer Alliance AAA rated company.
    • We have clients all over the USA and Canada

  5. How easy is it to get my loan application approved?

    Once you provide the complete documentation your approval will be fast and easy. Based on the fact you meet the minimum guideline criteria.

  6. How does your business loan program work?

    Your company can receive a business cash advance or another type of unsecured business loan of up to $10mm. No collateral is required. The type of business loans available is contingent on your company profile and cash flow. Our business loan programs and business cash advances simply require a small percentage of future sales as repayment.

  7. How much will a merchant cash advance cost to repay?

    The cost to repay a business cash advance is based on the amount advanced as well as the payback terms. In most cases you will be presented a few options. A Funding Coordinator can explain the exact details of the options available for your business shortly after you fill out the online form.

  8. What is the interest rate?

    The rate will vary depending on credit, term and program. If you can get financing at your bank we recommend that as your 1st option. In most cases the banks will not lend unless you are an A+ borrower.

  9. How long are the loan terms?

    Loan terms can range from 3 months to 24 months for repayment.

  10. How long are the lease terms?

    Lease terms can range from 12 months to 10 years.

  11. Is there a fee associated with applying for a business loan?

    No. We do not charge any application or upfront fees.  If anyone asks for upfront fees, they are more then likely a fraudulent company.

  12. How will bad credit affect my application?

    This is one of the greatest features of our business loan options. Our banks consider current and future sales receipts as the main factor for our approvals. Your credit score will have little input in the decision. In some cases even scores below 500 have an opportunity to get a basic loan. Once you prove your repayment capabilities you will be able to access bigger loans and more capital. This will help your long term capital business needs.

  13. How fast can I get a merchant cash advance or small business loan?

    Our business cash advance and business loan options allow for approvals within 24 hours and cash in your account as fast as 72 hours. The most important element is that all documents are received in a timely matter to ensure a fast process and faster funding.

  14. How much financing can I receive?

    We have access to capital loans up to $10mm. Each client and loan amount will vary based on your gross monthly deposits.

  15. What  are my payback options?

    Your payment amounts are based on a small percentage of future revenue. Most payments are made from your daily sales Monday thru Friday.

  16. After I repay a business cash advance how easy is the process to receive another one?

    Very simple and easy.  As long as there is no major change in your financial status your approval can go through automatically.

  17. If I have a balance with another financial company will I be automatically be denied?

    In most cases we can get your 1st refinanced or simply get you a 2nd with more capital.

  18. I have high monthly gross sales  but my credit card sales are much less, will I still be eligible for financing?

    Yes. We offer  business loan programs such as ACH loans. You do not have to accept credit cards in order to get a business loan.

  19. Can I have my merchant cash advance or business loan renewed?

    Renewal submissions are generally funded within 24 hours. In most cases we will contact you to see if you need more capital.

  20. If I take a merchant cash advance will I have to switch my credit card processing service?

    Almost always the answer is No. In some rare cases it may be necessary.

  21. Can you call me after hours to get my process started?

    Absolutely! Your Funding Coordinator will be happy to assist you even on weekends. Contact us and let us know when is the best time to reach you.

*All offers are subject to lender approval.